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Domestic Application Projects

LED Indoor Commercial Lighting



Zhongbai Jialejia supermarket

Aodpting AOD`s 15W LED fluorescent light instead of Phillips` 36W tricolor fluorescent tube that Zhongbai Jialejia supermarket used before. Power saving rate is 58%,each tube saves 113.4 degrees each year.



Beijing Good Neighbor Convenient Chain Store

Adopting AOD`S 12 W LED fluorescent light instead of the 36W

fluorescent light used before.


Shanghai Yaxin square

20W and 30W integrated down lights were adopted to improve the main lighting system on May,2010.





Daphne Chain Store

Adopting 20W integrated LED down light and 8W T5 LED fluorescent light.


Outdoor LED light product catalog


AOD`s LED armed the whole town “The capital of kite in the world.”

Since 2005 ,43000 sets of AOD`s LED street light fully armed “The capital of kite in the world”---Weifang ,Shangdong, realized the complete coverage of urban roads,made Weifang “The real LED city”.


AOD`s LED street light proved the white LED is feasible in the area of illumination based on the large-scale successful application . The use of ultra-high brightness LED as light source, with significant energy saving effect, excellent life made the LED wider and wider application.So far ,AOD`S LED lighting products have been applied to more than 30 cities and exported to 16 countries and regions.





Application Case of Beihai Road :

Adopting AL-S15/AL-S13 LED street light with total power 280W instead of 400W and 250W high voltage sodium lamps with total power 760W.
Road Parameters:
Effective Road Width:29m     Mounting Height of Luminaire:11m     Lighting Installation Space:35m 
Application parameters:

Uniformity of Road Surface Illuminance:>0.6  Power Saving Rate:68%
Average Illumination:19lux Enviroment Ratio:>0.6
Rendering Index:>70 Installation Time:2006.03



Application Case of Beigong St.
Main road/ auxiliary road adopts 240W/160W LED respectively with total power 400W instead of 2 sets of 400W high voltage sodium lamps with total power 920W.
Road Parameters:
Effective Road Width:28m     Mounting Height of Luminaire:14m     Lighting Installation Space:40m 
Application Parameters:

Uniformity of Road Surface Illuminance:>0.6 

Power Saving Rate:67% (half power in five hours)
Average Illumination:26lux Enviroment Ratio:>0.6
Rendering Index:>70 Installation Time:2008.08



Application case of Yuqing Street`s Time Tunnel
The lighting effects named “Time Tunnel” was realized by arranging a series of integrated bow LED street lights on both sides of the Yuqing street.
Integrated bow LED street light embodies the unity of practicality and attractiveness,It not only meets the night function and aesthetic lighting,but also meets the art impressions during the day,and makes fully use of the characteristics of compact form, small volume and convenience of LED source. Embedding LED light-source into lamppost,they are in one unity.
Adopting AL-S12 LED street light with total power 120w.
Width of Road : 30m, 
The Height of lamppost:7.2m
Spacing between lamppost:25m



Application Case of Shengli St.

Adopting 4 sets of AL-R13 LED street with total power 520w insteading of 4 sets of 400w high voltage sodium lamp with total power 1840W.

Road Parameters:

Effective Road Width:35m     Mounting Height of Luminaire:16m     Lighting Installation Space:40m

Application Parameters:

Uniformity of Road Surface Illuminance:>0.6

Power Saving Rate:74%
Average Illumination:21.8lux Enviroment Ratio:>0.6
Rendering Index:>70 Installation Time:2007.03



High Pole LED light used in People's Square

Adopting 12 sets of AL-H40 LED high pole lights with total power 400W per lamp instead of 12 sets of 1000W high voltage sodium lamps with total power 1150W per lamp.
Time Control: Half power in five hours
Energy Saving Rate:74.7%
The Height of lamppost:35m
Irradiation Radius:60m
Rendering Index:>70



Tunnel Light used in Liuqian , Anhui.

Adopting AL-T05 tunnel light, 
Spacing: 6m, 
Bat-wing Light Distribution 
Colour temperature:5000K 
Rendering Index:>70


Tunnel Light used in Madui,Anhui

Adopting AL-T05 tunnel light
The distance between Entrance and Exit : 6m,
Bat-wing Light Distribution
Colour temperature:5000K
Rendering Index:>70




Brownsea river scenic spot Lighting

Adopting AOD`s 30w LED integrated garden light .
The Height of lamppost:4m
Irradiation Radius:10m



Solar LED Lamp

Solar LED street lamps used in reservoir scenic spot of Xiashan area:
Width of Road : 16m, 
LED lamp installated unilaterally,
The Height of lamppost:10m
The source adopts LED integrated lamp holder which has more than 10 years` life.
The power of main road is 80w,and the auxiliary road is 30W. 
Solar panels` components passed IEC61215 test and received Golden Sun certification with 360w Power and 25 years` service life.,
Solar special seal mianweihu lead-acid batteries
Airtight and maintenance-free lead-acid battery that is dedicated to solar 300AH, buried installation,more than 5 years` life , reach national “Theil”authentication standard.